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Ty is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and professor. Ty has over 20 years' experience in the Banking, Mortgage, and FInance industry and he's passionate about financial education, professional development, entrepreneurship, and economic development. 


Growing up in Louisville, KY, Ty experienced poverty, dysfunctionality, and major setbacks.  He went from an at-risk youth to building two successful companies.  Ty continues to inspire, lead and teach about the the importance of working hard, dedication, and overcoming challenges in life. 

Ty is Founder and CEO of Freedom Financial Group Realty, a boutique real estate investment firm and Freedom Financial Institute.  The firm focuses on providing financial education, personal money management, coaching and personal development. By partnering with businesses and organizations, employees can receive resources and access to financial professionals, take ownership of their own finances and take real steps toward financial resilience and security.  

Ty received his B.S. in Business Management at West Chester University, and a Master of Science Degree at Florida International University.  

Ty's life work is to share this valuable information with people of all races, socio-economic status, cultures and beliefs.

Ty currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife, Kameka.

Learn more about Ty at


Kameka Grady is AVP, Marketplace and Community Diversity at Lincoln Financial Group.  In her role, Kameka leads the execution of strategic marketplace and community multicultural programs. She also helps to develop and drive the strategy and implementation of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion plans to engage with external opportunities for multicultural businesses and enhance community engagement.

Throughout her career she has received numerous awards and honors.  She takes pride in mentoring people within her organization.  Kameka is an International Master Coach and she's passionate about financial education, professional development and empowering others to create multiple streams of income. 

Kameka holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Kentucky, and she earned a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  

Kameka sits on the advisor board of Freedom Financial Institute and Freedom Financial Group Realty, LLC.

Visit her website at

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