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Ty is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker. Ty has over 20 years' experience in the Banking, Mortgage, and Finance industries. He has helped individuals, business owners and their teams with financial empowerment, leadership effectiveness, professional development, innovation, preparing for workplace shifts, and organizational culture change. Ty guides his clients, with their success in mind, to feel a renewed sense of purpose and take real steps towards securing a better future. Ty received an M.S. in Sports Management from Florida International University and a B.S. in Business Management from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Over the years, he has worked as a college professor for three Universities, developing his passion for building programs and curriculum for career professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. Ty is the author of “Wealth Principles” – 6 Fundamental Strategies to Create Wealth.  


In addition, he developed a self-paced online course titled “Master Your Money, Master Your Life”, which focuses on simple financial concepts that will change the way people look at money forever. Ty serves on the Board of Directors and Finance Committee for the Library Foundation of Jacksonville. He also serves on the Leadership Council of the National Small Business Association in Washington, D.C. When he is not busy working, Ty enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures with his wife, Kameka. 

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Kameka Grady is AVP, Marketplace and Community Diversity. In her role, Kameka leads the execution of strategic marketplace and community multicultural programs at Lincoln Financial Group. She also helps to develop and drive the strategy and implementation of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion plans to engage with external opportunities for multicultural businesses and enhance community engagement.

In addition, Kameka is Co-Chair of LIMRA Diversity Marketing Committee, an Industry Research organization, who mission is to connect people to data, thought leadership, solutions and each other.
Prior to joining Lincoln Financial Group, Kameka led the implementation, execution and design of digital tools for a Global Financial Services company. She collaborated with executive officers to develop a strategic growth plan for B2B and B2C partnerships with minority owned companies. Additionally, she served as the Chair of “EDGE” (Ethnically Diverse Group of Employees) business resource group.

Kameka began her career in Financial Services as a Sales Representative, where she increased product sales through successful relationship management. She continued to progress into management roles demonstrating effective team leadership and an unwavering commitment to delivering excellent business results.

Kameka holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Kentucky and she earned a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Kameka is also a certified International Master Coach and leads a Women’s Empowerment Program focused on Career Development and Financial Wellness. Outside of work, Kameka loves to travel, is an avid reader, and recently relocated to Florida along with her husband, Ty, to be closer to the sun and beach!

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